FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Thank you for collecting BIG-BALL Trading cards. We're passionate about our South African Heroes and the cards go a long way to helping keep the sports alive and in our hearts. Tell all your friends about BIG-BALL Trading Cards and help keep the South African spirit strong.

Here is a selection of questions which you may have buzzing around in your mind. If we haven't covered any of the questions you may have, please Email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Are some cards more rare than others?

Yes. Special ‘chase cards’ are included in the Collection and are less common than regular cards. These cards are more in demand. They are printed differently from regular cards, e.g on foil board. All other cards in the Collection are printed and distributed as evenly as possible.

Are these exclusive Collections?

Yes. BIG-BALL Promotions cc holds the exclusive rights to produce these South African Trading Card Collections. BIG-BALL is a registered trademark and copyright on the BIG-BALL Trading Cards is held by BIG-BALL Promotions cc. These Collections are official licensed products.

Can I use any images from this website?

No. All copyright for the images and Trademarks used on this website are the intellectual property of BIG-BALL Promotions cc. Any use of these images and Trademarks is strictly prohibited.

How do I finish my Collection?

Limited stock of individual cards can be purchased from the online shop for past Collections. Current Collection individual cards are only made available for purchase once the Collection is no longer listed in stores, usually 8 – 12 months after the launch of the Collection. 2009 Cards | 2010 Cards | 2011 Cards | 2012 Cards available now.

I’m paying in SA Rand. Why can’t I use PayPal?

PayPal does not accept SA Rand payments so you should opt for the PayFast payment gateway or select one of the alternative methods of payment. Thanks so much for buying Big-Ball!

Information and Stats on the BIG-BALL Trading Cards

Statistics on the cards were provided/approved by the relevant Rugby Unions and Cricket South Africa. All reasonable efforts were made to ensure that the information was correct at the time of printing. Changes made after this date were beyond our control.

Is BIG-BALL active on Twitter?

We’re very pleased to say that we do have a Twitter presence ( @bigballcards ). Please follow us on Twitter and keep up to date with any announcements we may make about upcoming competitions, new packs or collections, etc.

Is there a BIG-BALL Facebook Page?

There is indeed! An active Big-Ball community awaits you on Facebook. To get there, simply click on the Facebook logo on any of the pages on this site and you will be redirected to our Facebook community. See you there!

My question is not covered here?

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email and we will gladly assist you.

Where can I buy a BIG-BALL Trading Cards Collector’s Album?

A limited number of albums are available from our online shop. The current Collection Starter Pack, which includes the album and 2 packs of cards, is also available in Stationers, Supermarkets, Sport and Toy stores.

Where Can I Buy BIG-BALL Trading Cards?

BIG-BALL Trading Cards are available from our online shop, while stocks last.
The current Collection is also available in Stationers, Supermarkets, Sport and Toy stores.

Why are the prices in SA Rand? I want to pay in Pounds!

This is because the “base currency” of this online shop is South African Rand. However, if you’re in the UK or any other country outside South Africa, the shop will know where you are located from your IP address (a unique identifying number given to you on the Internet) and will automatically change to Pounds when you begin the checkout process.

The little yellow price stickers above each card are fixed and don’t change dynamically when you’re in a country outside South Africa.

If you have any other questions about the currency you’re being asked to pay in, please let us know and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Will any of the Collections be re-printed in the future?

No. Once a Collection is no longer in the stores or online to complete with us, it is finished. The Collections will not be made available again as we do not reproduce the same Collection twice. Collections are only available while stock lasts.



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